Until now you maintain a conventional communications technology, the time has come to evolve and get the most out of telephone systems.

A large part of the companies consider improving their communications technologies and keeping up to date with the labor news of their company.

On premise or the cloud?

We contribute our experience and propose what best suits each need. Each client has reasons to choose the format of the technological systems with which to live at work.

The term on-premise refers to the type of installation of a software solution. This installation is the one that is hosted on servers and local hardware. They are usually installed in the ICT infrastructure of a company and it is a traditional model.

With the cloud, the user is allowed to store and access data through an internet connection from anywhere. With this model, the user will have mobility to make changes whenever and wherever they want.

Whatever model the client wants to install, we will be here to help you get the most out of the chosen technology.

Meet our team

We have a technical team with extensive experience in technology services and their hybrids, we also have a technical team specialized in electrical systems and data wiring.

Our commercial department will always be willing to help you make the best decisions and will accompany you on the path to the successful world of communications technologies, we will help you clarify any doubts you may have when choosing the technology in demand. We invite you to be part of IT Business Vision, the company with the best customer service in the Balearic Islands and the Caribbean.




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